The Textual Ghosts Project

The term Textual Ghosts was coined by Dwimordene in a 2008 MEFA review of Pandemonium_213's fic Moon of the Sea, describing "the women who litter the Tolkien histories as textual ghosts, artifacts deduced by the presence of offspring or perhaps a name". While named women are not listed here, I made it my goal to make a list of the women who must have existed by inference, acting on the assumption that all characters (excepting the Ainur and the first-awakened Elves at Cuiviénen) must have had mothers and those with offspring also must have had wives. I restricted myself to named characters, and as such much of the list is comprised of the ruling or otherwise notable dynasties of Middle-earth, as the lives and presences of the "common people" are not often recorded or explored in detail. The LotR Project has been a great help in establishing this list.  

A final note: The women listed here are the "known unknowns", meaning that it can be reliably assumed that a woman in their position must have existed, but even so the Tolkienian genealogies are overwhelmingly male-dominated, as they invariably describe patriarchal systems - as such, there must also be "unknown unknowns", that is, daughters, sisters, aunts and other female relations who were completely erased (not even recorded as [x number of] daughters), further upping the tally of invisible women.

The position of characters in square brackets differs in the sources, such as in the famous case of the descent of Gil-galad. Characters marked with a ? are not named in the sources, but are in a short, direct line of descent from the preceding ones; long stretches of unnamed characters (such as several generations of the Dol Amroth lineage) were omitted.

TOTAL: 616




Mother of Ingwë
Wife of Ingwë, mother of Ingwion/Ingil
Mother of Indis, [sister of Ingwë]
Mother of Meril-i-Turinqi
Mother of Elemmírë
Mother of Amarië
Mother of Elenwë


Mother of Míriel
Mother of Finwë
Mother of Mahtan
Wife of Mahtan, mother of Nerdanel
Wife of Maglor
Wife of Caranthir
Wife of Curufin, mother of Celebrimbor
Mother of Anairë
[Wife of Fingon, mother of Gil-galad]
Mother of Eldalótë
Wife of Orodreth, mother of Finduilas [and Gil-galad]
Mother of Edrahil
Mother of Guilin
Wife of Guilin, mother of Gwindor and Gelmir


Mother of Círdan

Mother of Elwë, Olwë and Elmo
Wife of Olwë, mother of Eärwen
Wife of Elmo, mother of Galadhon
Wife of Galadhon, mother of Celeborn and Galathil
Wife of Galathil, Mother of Nimloth

Mother of Oropher
Wife of Oropher, mother of Thranduil
Wife of Thranduil, mother of Legolas

Mother of Galion

Mother of Amdír
Wife of Amdír, mother of Amroth
Mother of Nimrodel
Mother of Mithrellas
Mother of Haldir, Rúmil, Orophin
Mother of Lenwë
Wife of Lenwë, mother of Denethor
Mother of Eöl
Mother of Ithilbor
Wife of Ithilbor, mother of Saeros
Mother of Daeron
Mother of Mablung
Mother of Nellas
Mother of Annael


Mother of Egalmoth
Mother of Rôg
Mother of Salgant
Mother of Galdor
Mother of Legolas
Mother of Ecthelion
Mother of Glorfindel
Mother of Penlod
Mother of Pengolodh
Mother of Duilin
Mother of Aranwë
Wife of Aranwë, mother of Voronwë
Wife of Voronwë, mother of Ilverin
Mother of Elemmakil
Mother of Hendor
Mother of Meleth

Other Elves

Mother of Arminas
Mother of Gelmir
Mother of Erellont
Mother of Aerandir
Mother of Falathar
Mother of Lindir
Mother of Erestor
Mother of Galdor of the Havens
Mother of Gildor Inglorion


House of Bëor

Mother of Bëor
Wife of Bëor, mother of Baran, Belen
Wife of Baran, mother of Baranor and Boron
Wife of Baranor, mother of Bereg
Wife of Boron, mother of Boromir, Belegor
Wife of Boromir, mother of Bregor, Andreth, Beril
Wife of Bregor, mother of Hirwen, Gilwen, Bregolas, Barahir, Bregil
Wife of Bregolas, mother of Beleth, Belegund, Baragund
Wife of Baragund, mother of Morwen
Wife of Belegund, mother of Rían
Wife of Belen, mother of Beldir
Wife of Beldir, mother of Belemir
Wife of Beren, mother of Emeldir
Mother of Dagnir
Mother of Ragnor
Mother of Radhruin
Mother of Dairuin
Mother of Gildor
Mother of Angrim
Wife of Angrim, mother of Gorlim
Mother of Eilinel
Mother of Urthel
Mother of Arthad
Mother of Hathaldir

House of Hador

Mother of Marach
Wife of Marach, mother of Malach, Imlach
Wife of Magor, mother of Hathol
Wife of Hathol, mother of Hador
Mother of Gildis
Wife of Imlach, mother of Amlach
Mother of Indor
Wife of Indor, mother of Aerin
Mother of Grithnir
Mother of Gethron
Mother of Asgon
Mother of Ragnir (outlaw)
Mother of Ragnir (servant)
Mother of Sador Labadal

Mother of Andróg
Wife of Andróg, mother of Andvír
Mother of Forweg
Mother of Algund
Mother of Ulrad
Mother of Orleg

House of Haleth

Mother of Haldad
Wife of Haldad, mother of Haleth, Haldar
Wife of Haldar, mother of Haldan
Wife of Haldan, mother of Halmir
Wife of Halmir, mother of Hareth, Hundar, Hiril, Haldir
Wife of Hundar, mother of Hundad
Wife of Hundad, mother of Hardang
Mother of Arachon
Mother of Enthor
Mother of Agathor

Haleth's female guards
Mother of Barach
Wife of Barach
Mother of Larnach
Wife of Larnach
Daughter of Larnach
Mother of Sagroth
Mother of Forhend
Mother of Ebor
Mother of Dorlas
Wife of Dorlas, mother of Avranc
Wife of Avranc
Mother of Glirhuin


Wife of Elros, mother of Vardamir, Atanalcar, Tindómiel, Manwedil
Wife of Vardamir, mother of Tar-Amandil, Aulendil, Vardilmë, Nolondil
Wife of Nolondil, mother of Yávien, Oromendil, Axantur
Wife of Axantur, mother of Ardamir, Lindissë, Cemendur
Wife of Cemendur, mother of Írildë, Hallatan
Wife of Tar-Amandil, mother of Tar-Elendil, Marien, Eärendur
Wife of Eärendur, mother of Caliondo
Wife of Caliondo, mother of Malantur
Wife of Tar-Elendil, mother of Silmarien, Tar-Meneldur, Isilmë
Mother of Vëantur
Wife of Vëantur, mother of Almarian
Mother of Núneth
Mother of Beregar
Mother of Hatholdir
Wife of Hatholdir, mother of Orchaldor
Wife of Tar-Anárion, mother of two daughters, Tar-Súrion
Two daughters of Tar-Anárion
Wife of Tar-Súrion, mother of Tar-Telperien
Wife of Isilmo, mother of Tar-Minastir
Wife of Tar-Minastir, mother of Tar-Ciryatan
Wife of Tar-Ciryatan, mother of Tar-Atanamir
Wife of Tar-Atanamir, mother of Tar-Ancalimon
Wife of Tar-Ancalimon, mother of Tar-Telemmaitë
Mother of Herucalmo
Wife of Tar-Alcarin, mother of Tar-Calmacil
Wife of Tar-Calmacil, mother of Tar-Ardamin and Gimilzagar
Wife of Tar-Ardamin, mother of Ar-Adûnakhôr
Wife of Ar-Adûnakhôr, mother of Ar-Zimrathôn
Wife of Ar-Zimrathôn, mother of Ar-Sakalthôr
Wife of Ar-Sakalthôr, mother of Ar-Gimilzôr
Mother of Lindórië
Wife of Tar-Palantír, mother of Tar-Míriel
Wife of Gimilkhâd, mother of Ar-Pharazôn

Mother of Ulbar
Wife of Ulbar, mother of Îbal
Mother of Henderch
Mother of Zamîn
Handmaids of Ancalimë
Mother of Orontor
Wife of Orontor, mother of Fíriel

Mother of Elatan
Wife of Valandil
Wife of Eärendur
Wife of Númendil, mother of Amandil
Wife of Amandil, mother of Elendil
Wife of Elendil, mother of Isildur and Anárion
Wife of Isildur, mother of Elendur, Aratan, Ciryon, Valandil
Wife of Anárion, mother of Meneldil


Wife of Valandil, mother of Eldacar
Wife of Eldacar, mother of Arantar
Wife of Arantar, mother of Tarcil
Wife of Tarcil, mother of Tarondor
Wife of Tarondor, mother of Valandur
Wife of Elendur, mother of Eärendur
Wife of Eärendur mother of Amlaith
Wife of Amlaith, mother of Beleg
Wife of Beleg, mother of Mallor
Wife of Mallor, mother of Celepharn
Wife of Celepharn, mother of Celebrindor
Wife of Celebrindor, mother of Malvegil
Wife of Malvegil, mother of Argeleb I
Wife of Argeleb I, mother of Arveleg I
Wife of Arveleg I, mother of Araphor
Wife of Araphor, mother of Argeleb II
Wife of Argeleb II, mother of Arvegil
Wife of Arvegil, mother of Arveleg II
Wife of Arveleg II, mother of Araval
Wife of Araval, mother of Araphant
Wife of Araphant, mother of Arvedui
Mother of Malbeth the Seer

Dúnedain of the North

Wife of Aranarth, mother of Arahael
Wife of Arahael, mother of Aranuir
Wife of Aranui, mother of Aravir
Wife of Aravir, mother of Aragorn I
Wife of Aragorn I, mother of Araglas
Wife of Arahad I, mother of Aragost
Wife of Aragost, mother of Aravorn
Wife of Aravorn, mother of Arahad II
Wife of Arahad II, mother of Argonui
Wife of Argonui, mother of Arador
Wife of Arador, mother of Arathorn II
Mother of Gilbarcid
Wife of Gilbarcid, mother of Ivorwen
Mother of Dírhael
Daughters of Arwen
Wife of Eldarion

Mother of Halbarad


Mother of Ohtar
Mother of Estelmo

Wife of Meneldil, mother of three unnamed daughters, Cemendur
Three daughters of Meneldil
Wife of Cemendur, mother of Eärendil
Wife of Eärendil, mother of Anardil
Wife of Anardil, mother of Ostoher
Wife of Ostoher, mother of Rómendacil I
Wife of Rómendacil I, mother of Turambar
Wife of Turambar, mother of Atanatar I
Wife of Atanatar I, mother of Siriondil
Wife of Siriondil, mother of Tarannon, Tarciryan
Mother of Berúthiel
Wife of Tarciryan, mother of Eärnil
Wife of Eärnil, mother of Ciryandil
Wife of Ciryandil, mother of Hyarmendacil I
Wife of Hyarmendacil I, mother of Atanatar II
Wife of Atanatar II, mother of Narmacil I, Calmacil
Wife of Calmacil, mother of Calimehtar, Rómendacil II
Wife of Calimehtar
Wife of Rómendacil II, mother of Valacar
Mother of Vidugavia
Wife of Vidugavia, mother of Vidumavi and Marhari

Wife of Eldacar, mother of Aldamir, Ornendil
Wife of Aldamir, mother of Hyarmendacil II
Wife of Hyarmendacil II, mother of Minardil
Wife of Minardil, mother of Minastan, Telemnar
Wife of Minastan, mother of Tarondor
Wife of Tarondor, mother of Telumehtar
Wife of Telumehtar, mother of Narmacil II, Arciryas
Wife of Narmacil II, mother of Calimehtar
Wife of Calimehtar, mother of unnamed daughter, Ondoher
Wife of Ondoher, mother of Fíriel, Faramir, Artamir
Daughter of Calimehtar, mother of Minohtar

Wife of Arciryas, mother of Calimmakil
Wife of Calimmakil, mother of Siriondil
Wife of Siriondil, mother of Eärnil
Wife of Eärnil, mother of Eärnur

Stewards of Gondor

Mother of Húrin
Wife of Húrin, mother of Pelendur
Wife of Pelendur, mother of Vorondil
Wife of Vorondil, mother of Mardil Voronwë
Wife of Mardil Voronwë, mother of Eradan
Wife of Eratan, mother of Herion
Wife of Herion, mother of Belegorn
Wife of Belegorn, mother of Húrin I
Wife of Húrin I, mother of Túrin I, two daughters
Two daughters of Húrin I
Wife of Túrin, mother of Hador, several daughters
Several daughters of Túrin
Wife of Hador, mother of Barahir
Wife of Barahir, mother of Dior and Rían
Wife of Denethor I, mother of Boromir, two daughters
Two daughters of Denethor I
Wife of Boromir, mother of Cirion
Wife of Cirion, mother of Hallas
Wife of Hallas, mother of Húrin II
Wife of Húrin II, mother of Belecthor I
Wife of Belecthor I, mother of Orodreth
Wife of Orodreth, mother of Ecthelion I, Morwen
Wife of ?, mother of Egalmoth
Wife of Egalmoth, mother of Beren
Wife of Beren, mother of Beregond
Wife of Beregond, mother of Belecthor II
Wife of Belecthor II, mother of Thorondir
Wife of Thorondir, mother of Túrin II
Wife of Túrin II, mother of Turgon
Wife of Turgon, mother of Ecthelion II
Wife of Ecthelion II, mother of two daughters, Denethor
Two daughters of Ecthelion II
Wife of Elboron, mother of Barahir

Line of Dol Amroth

Mother of Adrahil I
Wife of Adrahil I
Mother of Imrazôr
Wife of Galador
Mother of Aglahad
Wife of Aglahad, mother of Angelimar
Wife of Angelimar, mother of Adrahil II
Wife of Adrahil II, mother of Finduilas, Imrahil, Ivriniel
Wife of Imrahil, mother of Lothíriel, Erchirion, Amrothos, Elphir

Mother of Morwen of Lossarnach
Three daughters of Morwen of Lossarnach 

Other Gondorians

Mother of Baranor
Wife of Baranor, mother of Beregond
Wife of Beregond, mother of Bergil, Borlas
Wife of Borlas, mother of Berelach
Daugher of Borlas
Mother of Iorlas
Mother of Saelon
Mother of Othrondir
Mother of Findegil
Mother of Ioreth, her sisters
Sisters of Ioreth
Cousin of Ioreth
Mother of Hirgon
Mother of Ingold
Mother of Targon
Mother of Húrin
Mother of Forlong
Mother of Hirluin
Mother of Duinhir
Wife of Duinhir, mother of Derufin, Duilin
Mother of Damrod
Mother of Mablung of Ithilien
Mother of Anborn
Mother of Golasgil

Northmen/Éothéod of Rhovanion/Rohirrim

Mother of Beorn
Wife of Beorn, mother of Grimbeorn

Wife of Marhari, mother of Forthwini
Wife of Forthwini, mother of ?
Wife of ?, mother of Frumgar
Wife of Frumgar, mother of Fram
Wife of Fram, mother of Léod
Wife of Léod, mother of Eorl
Wife of Eorl, mother of Brego
Wife of Brego, mother of Eofor, Aldur, Baldur

Wife of Aldor, mother of Fréa
Wife of Fréa, mother of Fréawine
Wife of Fréawine, mother of Goldwine
Wife of Goldwine, mother of Déor
Wife of Déor, mother of Gram
Wife of Gram, mother of Helm and Hild
Wife of Helm, mother of Haleth and Háma
Daughter of Helm

Mother of Freca
Wife of Freca, mother of Wulf

Wife of Fréalaf, mother of Brytta
Wife of Brytta, mother of Walda
Wife of Walda, mother of Folca
Wife of Folca, mother of Folcwine
Wife of Folcwine, mother of Folcred, Fastred, Fengel
Wife of Fengel, mother of Thengel
Mother of Elfhild
Mother of Éomund

Mother of Ceorl
Mother of Erkenbrand
Mother of Dúnhere
Mother of Grim
Mother of Grimbold
Mother of Éothain
Mother of Horn
Mother of Gamling
Mother of Gárulf
Mother of Gálmód
Wife of Gálmód, mother of Gríma
Mother of Guthláf
Mother of Wídfara
Mother of Háma
Mother of Gléowine

Folk of Dale and Esgaroth

Wife of Girion
Mother of Bard I
Wife of Bard I, mother of Bain
Wife of Bain, mother of Brand
Wife of Brand, mother of Bard II
Mother of the Master of Laketown

Other Men

Mother of Bór
Wife of Bór, mother of Borlach, Borlad, Borthand

Mother of Aghan
Mother of Ghân
Wife of Ghân, mother of Ghân-buri-Ghân

Lady of the Blue Brooch (Cardolan princess)

Mother of Barliman Butterbur
Mother of Bill Ferny
Mother of Harry Goatleaf
Mother of Mat Heathertoes
Mother of Rowlie Appledore
Mother of Tom Pickthorn


Mother of Gamil Zirak
Mother of Telchar
Mother of Azaghâl
Mother of Fangluin
Mother of Bodruith
Mother of Naugladur

Mother of Mîm
Wife of Mîm, mother of Ibun, Khîm

Mother of Narvi

Wife of Durin I

Mother of Durin II
Wife of Durin II, mother of Durin II
Wife of Durin II, mother of Durin VI
Mother of Durin VI
Wife of Durin VI, mother of Náin I
Wife of Náin I, mother of Thráin I
Wife of Thráin I, mother of Thorin I
Wife of Thorin I, mother of Glóin
Wife of Glóin, mother of Óin
Wife of Óin, mother of Náin II
Wife of Náin II, mother of Dáin I, Borin
Wife of Dáin I, mother of Grór, Frór, Thrór
Wife of Grór, mother of Náin
Wife of Náin, mother of Dáin II
Wife of Dáin II, mother of Thorin III
Wife of Thorin III, mother of Durin VII

Wife of Thrór, mother of Thráin II
Wife of Thráin II, mother of Thorin Oakenshield, Frerin, Dís

Wife of Borin, mother of Farin
Wife of Farin, mother of Gróin, Fundin
Wife of Gróin, mother of Óin, Glóin
Wife of Glóin, mother of Gimli

Wife of Fundin, mother of Balin, Dwalin
Wife of Balin, mother of Burin
Mother of Bofur, Bombur
Mother of Bifur
Mother of Dori, Nori, Ori

Mother of Lófar
Mother of Nár
Mother of Flói
Mother of Lóni
Mother of Frár
Mother of Náli


Baggins Family

Mother of Balbo Baggins
Mother of Laura Grubb
Mother of Mimosa Bunce
Mother of Tanta Hornblower
Mother of Fastolph Bolger
Mother of Togo Goodbody
Mother of Rudigar Bolger
Mother of Camellia Sackville
Mother of Bodo Proudfoot
Mother of Chica Chubb
Wife of Polo Baggins, mother of Posco, Prisca
Mother of Ruby Bolger
Mother of Gilly Brownlock
Mother of Wilibald Bolger
Mother of Primula Brandybuck
Wife of Dudo Baggins, mother of Daisy
Mother of Griffo Boffin
Wife of Odo Proudfoot, mother of Olo
Wife of Olo Proudfoot, mother of Sancho
Wife of Falco Chubb-Baggins, mother of Poppy
Mother of Filibert Bolger
Wife of Ponto Baggins, mother of Angelica
Mother of Milo Burrows

Took Family

Mother of Isengrim Took II
Wife of Isengrim II, mother of Isumbras III
Wife of Isumbras III, mother of Ferumbras II, Bandobras (Bullroarer)
Wife of Ferumbras II, mother of Fortibras I
Wife of Fortinbras I, mother of Gerontius
Mother of Adamanta Chubb
Wife of Bandobras (Bullroarer)
Wife of Isumbras IV, mother of Fortinbras II
Mother of Lalia Clayhanger
Mother of Rosa Baggins
Wife of Adalgrim, mother of Paladin II, Esmeralda, three daughters
Three daughters of Adalgrim and Rosa
Mother of Eglantine Banks
Mother of Diamond of Long Cleeve
Wife of Isembold II
Wife of Isembard, mother of Flambard
Wife of Flambard, mother of Adelard
Wife of Adelard, mother of Reginard, Everard, three daughters
Three daughters of Adelard
Wife of Hildibrand, mother of Sigismond
Wife of Sigismond, mother of Rosamunda, Ferdinand
Mother of Odovacar Bolger
Wife of Ferdinand, mother of Ferdibrand
Mother of Hugo Boffin

Brandybuck Family

Mother of Bucca Oldbuck
Wife of Bucca Oldbuck
Mother of Gorhendad Oldbuck
Wife of Gorhendad Oldbuck
Mother of Gormadoc Brandybuck
Mother of Malva Headstrong
Mother of Hanna Goldworthy
Wife of Marroc Brandybuck
Mother of Adaldrida Bolger
Two daughters of Gorbadoc and Mirabella
Wife of Orgulas, mother of Gorbulas
Wife of Gorbulas, mother of Marmadas
Wife of Marmadas, mother of Merimas, Mentha, Melilot
Mother of Menegilda Goold
Wife of Saradas, mother of Seredic
Mother of Hilda Bracegirdle
Mother of Rufus Burrows
Wife of Merimac, mother of Berilac
Mother of Estella Bolger

Gamgee Family

Mother of Hamfast of Gamwich
Wife of Hamfast of Gamwich, mother of Wiseman Gamwich
Mother of Wiseman Gamwich, mother of Hob Gammidge
Wife of Hobson, mother of Andwise Roper, Hamfast, May, Halfred
Wife of Andwise, mother of Anson
Mother of Bell Goodchild
Wife of Halfast, mother of Halfred
Mother of Fastred of Greenholm
Wife of Frodo Gardner, mother of Holfast
Wife of Holfast, mother of Harding
Mother of Holman the greenhanded
Wife of Holman the greenhanded, mother of Rowan, Halfred, Erling, Hending, Rose
Wife of Halfred, mother of Holman Greenhand
Mother of Cottar
Wife of Cottar, mother of Cotman, Carl
Wife of Cotman, mother of Holman Cotton
Wife of Holman Cotton, mother of Tolman, Wilcome
Mother of Lily Brown

Other Hobbits

Mother of Sméagol's Grandmother
Grandmother of Sméagol
Mother of Sméagol
Mother of Déagol
Mother of Marcho and Blanco

Mother of Alfrida of the Yale
Mother of Dina Diggle
Mother of Cora Goodbody
Wife of Adalgar Bolger, mother of Rudigar, Rudibert, Ruby
Mother of Gerda Boffin
Wife of Gundahad Bolger, mother of Gundabald
Mother of Nina Lightfoot
Mother of Amethyst Hornblower

Mother of Ivy Goodenough
Wife of Bosco Boffin, mother of Otto
Mother of Lavender Grubb
Mother of Jessamine Boffin

Mother of Sapphira Brockhouse
Mother of Uffo Boffin
Wife of Gruffo Boffin, mother of Griffo

Mother of Marcho and Blanco
Mother of Farmer Maggot
Wife of Farmer Maggot, mother of three daughters 
Three daughters of Farmer Maggot
Mother of Fastolph Bolger
Mother of Folco Boffin
Mother of Bill Butcher
Mother of Robin Smallburrow
Mother of Widow Rumble
Mother of Will Whitfoot
Mother of Bob (Bree Hobbit)
Mother of Nob (Bree Hobbit)



Mother of Finglas
Mother of Fladrif
Mother of Fangorn
Mother of Fimbrethil
Mother of Beechbone
Mother of Bregalad


Mother of Carc
Wife of Carc, mother of Roäc

Mother of the Great Eagle
Mother of Gwaihir, Landroval
Mother of Meneldor


Mother of Ulfang
Wife of Ulfang, mother of Ulfast, Ulwarth, Uldor
Mother of Brodda
Mother of Lorgan

Mother of Herumor
Mother of Fuinur

Mother of Buldar
Mother of Elmar
Wife of Hazad Longbeard, mother of Tal-Elmar
Mother of Mogru

Mother of Castamir
Wife of Castamir
Mother of Angamaitë, Sangahyando

Mother of the Witch-King
Mother of Khamûl

Mother of Bill
Mother of Bert
Mother of Tom

Mother of Lug
Mother of Orcobal
Mother of Othrod
Mother of Balcmeg
Mother of Golfimbul
Mother of the Great Goblin
Mother of Azog
Wife (?) of Azog, mother of Bolg
Mother of Grishnákh
Mother of Lagduf
Mother of Muzgash
Mother of Radbug
Mother of Snaga (Mordor)
Mother of Ufthak
Mother of Gorbag
Mother of Shagrat
Mother of Uglúk
Mother of Lugdush
Mother of Mauhúr
Mother of Snaga (Isengard)